Business Success


PHP/MySQL Database Integration - your stock can be entered into an administration section and dynamically be added to the site. This is helpful for real time stock information and ease of use with updating. PHP/MySQL is the main way of making sites that I use. This however requires server side support for PHP and MySQL. If your hosting does not already provide this, a hosting solution can be provided by me to meet these requirements.

Content Management Systems - so you are able to easily update your site via an administration area without needing knowledge of HTML. (This requires PHP/MySQL server side support)

Design/Code Rewriting/Styling - your code can be checked and re-written to meet current web standards to increase accessibility, making sure that all viewers to your site see it in the same way, this also increases search engine productiveness.

Custom Scripts - examples are: email lists, contact form to email solutions, navigation solutions, banners, shopping carts, photo galleries, guest books, forums, etc.

Hosting - our hosting solutions are available to suit the needs of both small and large scale Internet operations. We have some great packages to choose from and if you need special criteria get in contact with us for a quote or to see if its possible. Our pricing and feature list can be found here

Domain Name Registration - your domain name can be registered by us. Please let us know what you would like registered and we will get back to you with availability options and pricing.

I.T Consultancy - consultancy services for your business.

Technical Support - when your having problems we can help out, prices are competitive, phone or email for more information or to arrange an appointment.

Networking - we can provide you with a network design and implement it, from choosing your hardware components and software requirements through to physical hardware installation, cabling and software configuration. On completion all installations are fully tested to ensure no faults are present. We will also inform you on how to use any hardware or software where appropriate.

Maintenance and Hardware - we offer support for a wide range of hardware and software maintenance issues including all forms of workstation PC, servers, networks, software issues, unique build requirements. Supporting Linux, Microsoft Windows 3.x/DOS/9x/NT/2000/2003/XP, Mac OS