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Simple Design

Our simple design process allows you the freedom to create what you need and would like whilst also making sure the process is swift and quickly accomplished. The design of your site can be achieved using ideas generated from yourself, anything from simple line drawings and colour ideas, photos and ideas of the general type of impression you are trying to put across.

Providing us with the information we require to build your site can seem like a nightmare when you can't visualise the final product or know what can even be achieved. However you can be assured you will not find this a stressful process with the help from our experts. A consultation with one of our specialists which can be done over the phone, in person or via email or instant messaging is the easiest way for us to get the information we need from you.

Creating Your Site

Your site can be produced in a short amount of time and can be online and running within a couple of days, depending on your exact requirements and how long it takes to make you happy!

Easy Setup

We offer an easy and fast setup process if you require it. We can purchase the domain name for your site (eg: and setup a hosting solution for you. Our hosting solutions can be upgraded when and as needed so you can be sure that your site won't go down when you reach the maximum amount of bandwidth in that month. We can contact you to tell you when this happens and you can decide what would be the best solution for you. Either upgrading your accounts monthly bandwidth limit or by upgrading your entire solution. Our pricing is competitive and our service very reliable with a 99.9% uptime.


Standards are very important on the Internet and can to some degree determine how well you do. We build sites that are standards compliant and offer the skills to check and fix your site to meet current web standards which in turn leads to your viewers and potential customers viewing your site exactly as it is intended on all platforms and browsers. This will help you get your information and products across without having sections of the page overlap each other or sections not displaying at all in some cases.

Making your site standards compliant also is useful when you need your site to be indexed properly and well by the major search engines. Your site will also be much less lightweight to download and also for the computer/browser to render your page on the screen. Old techniques for positioning such as nested tables can be very cumbersome and do not allow for easy upgradabiliy or search engine optimisation.